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The Buttafly is simply the best yoga block there is!

We call it a yoga block because that's how it started out in life - but you can also use the Buttafly for Pilates and other floor-based exercises, and to treat your own back.

There are many postures in yoga, Pilates and home exercises that, with the right support, we can ease into them more gently and stay a little longer so that stress and tension in our body can just melt away.

Follow the link for some suggestions which we hope you will find useful – and perhaps spark your own ideas too!

The Buttafly for yoga »

As a meditation seat, the Buttafly provides the ideal foundation for good posture, helping you sit with comfort and ease, and for as long as you like.

We show you how to get the best out of your seated practices.

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We all need to look after our backs whether we are fairly sedentary or active in life, and the Buttafly provides a new and revolutionary way for you to do just that.

It can also help reduce pain and stiffness in many different circumstances.  For anyone who suffers from poor posture, back pain, or pelvic pain, the Buttafly is a unique aid that can be used in the comfort of your own home. Recommended by osteopaths and physiotherapists.

The Buttafly for back care »

"I really struggle to sit cross legged in my yoga classes, due to tight hip muscle. With this block I could do all the seated postures, cross legged, in my class for the first time in years. Any of you who have the same problem, buy one.”

Karen Salisbury
" At the end of the day, once used, the product speaks for itself – it has revolutionised my life providing an opportunity for treatment whenever I need, help me to take control of my own physical well being… What could be better? ”

JoRae, Alchemy Woman
" What a wonderful product. It is so easy to use and has quick results! I had a free taster and I felt like my posture was aligned in minutes. So I bought one! ”

Joanne Barker

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