The Revolutionary Yoga Block & Back Care Product Designed by a Physiotherapist

Save Hundreds of Pounds on Treatment with this Innovative & Remarkably Effective Device Designed By TillyLou James, a Chartered Physiotherapist with 30 Years Clinical Experience.


Treat Your Own Back

Pigeon Pose

Support Your Body Well


Sit With Comfort & Ease

The Buttafly offers a remarkable new way for you to care for your spine

Looking after your back is essential if you want to lead a full and active life doing all the things we love most.

The Buttafly offers exciting new ways for you to do exactly that.

The concept is simple yet effective, producing results that go beyond what many of our customers ever thought possible.

The Buttafly Effect is the term we use to describe what happens when you use the Buttafly in supine lying to offload the spine in a very special way.

As well as helping you take general care of your back, the Buttafly can also relieve back pain and improve mobility.

The Buttafly for Back Care »

The Buttafly is designed by a physiotherapist and comes recommended by sports therapists, osteopaths, and physiotherapists.

Support the body well and the letting-go just happens


There are many postures in yoga, Pilates, and home exercises that, with the right support, we can ease into them more gently and stay a little longer so that stress and tension in our body can just melt away.

The Buttafly is designed to hold its shape, and the wedge-shape and fluid curves compliment the shape of the body – no more hard edges digging in the back of your thighs.

Recommended by Jamie Elmer, Yoga & Pilates teacher, and Movement Therapy Specialist.

The Buttafly for Yoga »


The Buttafly is simply the best meditation seat there is


  • Ergonomically designed to help you sit with good posture
  • Provides a stable base for your comfort and ease while sitting
  • Reduces backache
  • Makes it easier to breathe into your belly
  • No hard edges digging in the front of your thighs
  • Can be used on the floor or on a chair
  • Portable
  • Durable
  • Washable

The Buttafly for Meditation »

Choose Your Buttafly

There are 3 different models of the Buttafly – the STANDARD, the FLAT and the TALL. 
Each of them can be used in different ways as a yoga block.
As a seat for meditation, the sloping surface of the STANDARD and TALL Butafly is purpose-built – the FLAT Buttafly can be used underneath either of these to provide additional height.
For Back Care, we recommend using the STANDARD Buttafly. See here for more details.
"I really struggle to sit cross legged in my yoga classes, due to tight hip muscle. With this block I could do all the seated postures, cross legged, in my class for the first time in years. Any of you who have the same problem, buy one.”

Karen Salisbury
" At the end of the day, once used, the product speaks for itself – it has revolutionised my life providing an opportunity for treatment whenever I need, help me to take control of my own physical well being… What could be better? ”

JoRae, Alchemy Woman
" What a wonderful product. It is so easy to use and has quick results! I had a free taster and I felt like my posture was aligned in minutes. So I bought one! ”

Joanne Barker

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