Are you suffering from back pain and struggling to get the relief you so wish for?

I offer a unique approach to musculoskeletal pain, specifically to back pain.

My mission is to provide the best tools there are to give you control of your symptoms without the need for medication and to get back to doing the things you love the most.

Essentially, I aim to help you identify the underlying cause of your back pain.

As a Chartered Physiotherapist, I have a long career in providing hands-on treatment and fully understand its value. However, taking into consideration emotional factors is essential, and my work of the last few years has proven that for many people this approach alone is more transformational than addressing only the physical.

You may argue, “but I’ve been told I have a slipped disc” or “I ripped all the muscles in my back lifting weights”.

The simple fact is the body has an innate capacity to heal and if healing is not taking place and your symptoms have become chronic, there is a reason why.

We have to find out what that is and take positive steps to resolve it.

All traditional healing systems treat the body and mind as one, and in the last ten years, there’s been a resurgence in body-mind medicine that is slowly revolutionizing the way we think about our health.

For anyone who has been brought up in the West, it can be difficult to understand how your thoughts and feelings affect your physical health.

“We are born with an innate capacity to heal – it’s time for us to reclaim this knowledge and use it so that we can live a life of contentment, doing the things we love the most.” Loulou James

I get it, I really do. I had a foot in both camps for a long time and it was only when I came across Lifestyle Prescriptions® that things started to make sense.

Their approach answers every outstanding question of my 30-year career as a physiotherapist, like, for example, why don’t all car mechanics get back pain? 

Underpinning Lifestyle Prescriptions® is evidence-based Organ-Mind-Brain Anatomy. This details the specific connections between thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and the body. 

When you consult with me, we will establish a timeline of relevant life events, so that we bring to the table all the factors that have caused biological stress and impacted your body’s ability to heal. We will then use a variety of techniques and modalities to:

  • Resolve these root causes of your symptoms
  • Free you from pain
  • Help you sleep better
  • Regain confidence in your body
  • Enjoy leading a full life with family and friends
  • Benefit from improved health overall

“Millions of people are discovering that their thoughts, their feelings, and their physical well-being are intimately connected – and this is transforming the way we eat, exercise, work, and even relate to one another.”

Deepak Chopra, author Training The Mind, Healing The Body.