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Physiotherapist TillyLou James wants you to get the best out of your yoga and meditation with her Buttafly Crowdfunder.

But what do you need for yoga? A calm space, a level floor and a good posture.

Many can’t achieve the perfect posture, however hard they try. This can be due to the fact that sitting without slouching takes too much effort, that they find their knees don’t rest on the floor, they suffer from back aches and pains, or the yoga block that they are using to sit on digs into the back of their thighs.

Any of these factors can discourage you from adopting a regular meditation or yoga practice – something TillyLou knew from personal experience:

In her own words:

“In 2005, a roller blading accident left me with a fracture at the base of my spine. Unable to do my usual sports TillyLou James teaching a yoga class for the Buttafly Crowdfunder campaignand with a bruise the size of my hand, I took up yoga both to manage the stress of the injury and also to get my body moving again.

When it came to sitting cross-legged on the floor in meditation, I really struggled to get comfortable and without even thinking about it, I set about designing something – as a physiotherapist, this came naturally to me.

Happily, the first prototype fit the bill very well and the new block, by now called the Buttafly, went into production.

As soon as it arrived I began to play around with it and found that the wedged shape and fluid curves provided comfortable support for many different yoga poses as well as sitting.

Blissfully, it even allowed me to lie down “flat” on my back by taking the pressure off the fracture site itself.

Afterwards, I was surprised to notice that I felt different – my posture was better, I felt taller and my movement was easier.

Initially I thought perhaps my imagination was playing tricks but each time I tried it the experience was the same.

I ended up healing my back as well as long-standing sacroiliac joint problems. Since then I’ve gone on to work with hundreds of people – not just yoga students – who suffer from all kinds of back problems – their responses are so consistent that they could be recorded in a multiple choice format.

It’s true to say that I’ve found the ‘Buttafly Effect’ to be a more dependable treatment than any other modality I’ve used for back pain in my 30 year career – it’s also revealed a lot about what is called Non Specific Back Pain.”

In the past TillyLou has relied on showing people face-to-face just how to achieve the Buttafly Effect, but now Covid-19 has changed her world into a virtual one, letting her connect with her customers digitally.

This has brought about exciting changes for the Buttafly and our wide and varied customer base who TillyLou knows will likely benefit from the Buttafly Effect – and she needs your help to improve health and wellbeing through good posture and personal back care, with her Buttafly Crowdfunder Campaign.

She says:

“I now feel confident about scaling up and have already signed up an incredible marketing team. I’m asking for your support and to help the Buttafly find its way to the people who need it most. For those of you who take up the practical sessions, I hope that you will also provide feedback – this will be valuable in helping me and the new team understand how best to meet your needs and those like you.”

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Thank you for your support!

TillyLou James

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