The Buttafly Technique


These are just some of the superlatives shared by my clients.

For them and me, the Buttafly Technique presented a need we didn't know we had - after all, we don't know what we don't know. There is little in Western healthcare that causes us to have a useful understanding of the body's innate capacity to heal, and certainly not when it comes to the spine.

No wonder then that surprise is a common element of the Buttafly Technique experience.

Consultations are offered in person and online.

The first part focuses on making sure that you can set up the Technique just right for you.

Once this is done, the aim is to guide you into a state of deep relaxation.

Being warm and comfortable calms the nervous system, which is important for fostering healing from within.

I work intuitively and may offer any combination of mindfulness, meditation, breathwork, and movement.

Loulou James

“In working with such clients, the Buttafly Technique has proven more consistently effective than anything I used in my 30-year career as a physio. As well as providing pain relief, it gives them an invaluable sense of hope and something positive they can do for themselves, as and when they need it.

— Loulou James, the designer of the Buttafly


Book the Buttafly Technique today if you're looking for...

  • A natural release of your spine
  • A drug-free way to manage back, neck, hip and pelvic pain;
  • Effortless good posture;
  • A sense of internal, 'core' strength, of feeling grounded and resilient;
  • Better balance;
  • Improved mobility;
  • Greater vitality;
  • A relaxing 'exercise' especially helpful for osteoporosis and scoliosis;
  • A way to avoid getting a dowager's hump
  • The best chance of having a healthy spine for LIFE.

Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coaching

Built on a foundation of evidence-based Organ Mind Brain Anatomy™, Lifestyle Prescriptions® is a cutting-edge and fully holistic health paradigm.

It works to identify and clear the emotional root cause of symptoms, offering a fast and effective way to break the cycle of pain, immobility, and stiffness.

Many of my clients report relief with a single treatment.

You may argue, “But I’ve got a slipped disc” or “I ripped all the muscles in my back lifting weights.”

Simply speaking, the body has an innate capacity to heal. If this is not happening, there’s a reason why. Using Organ Mind Brain Anatomy™, we can look at any symptom and its timeline to reverse engineer and establish the emotional root cause.

This method allows us to be precise in relating symptoms to specific triggers, such as emotional stressors, limiting beliefs, or lifestyle habits that are not supporting your health. It also means we can be specific in managing them to provide effective and sustainable health solutions.

For anyone who’s been raised in the West, where, for the most part, mind and body are considered separate, it can be difficult to understand how one's thoughts and feelings affect one’s physical health.

I get it; I really do. I've had a foot in both camps for many years!

With 30 years of experience as a physiotherapist, I know the value of hands-on treatment. At the same time, I’ve seen many people with chronic and recurring symptoms for whom manual therapy does not provide a lasting solution.

In these cases, I intuitively knew that a purely mechanical approach misses something crucial. The problem was that I didn't know what - until I came across Lifestyle Prescriptions®.

When you consult with me, we will consider all the factors, past and present, that are causing biological stress and impact your body’s ability to heal.


  • Identify and clear the root cause/s of your symptoms;
  • Ease/abolish pain and other symptoms;
  • Increase mobility, strength, and function;
  • Promote restful sleep;
  • Restore body confidence and trust in your body;
  • Boost your vitality;
  • Help you get back to leading a full life with family and friends.

This appointment type is available online and in person.

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What My Clients Say