The Effort of Thriving

It amazes me that anyone can thrive in these times without the support of some kind of mind-body-spirit practice.

But are they really? I entertain this question alongside my experience that everyone I treat with the Buttafly Technique demonstrates a realignment of their spine as a result.

Why do they? Let’s consider the facts:

  • The Buttafly Technique applies no pushing or pulling;
  • During the Technique, only the slightest inversion is set up;
  • The Buttafly acts as a stillpoint inducer and brings about a realignment of the spine, which is organized by the wisdom in the body. At the same time, a gentle flushing of the craniosacral system is achieved.

I think it’s fair to say that if the spine was happy where it was, it wouldn’t realign itself. The body is economical in its habits and does not waste energy making unnecessary changes.

“Living from the mind, mind over matter, man up, pull yourself up by the bootstraps” – these metaphors suggest something pulling us up from the top rather than us growing up from our roots.

We want to establish the foundations and then aim for fluidity throughout our joints, especially the spine, so that we can be wholly available physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Seeing the benefits of the Buttafly Technique for my clients and getting similar feedback from other practitioners has inspired my next step: to build my first “evergreen” course guiding people through the process at home. It will be particularly suitable for those who are struggling with chronic back pain or recurrent pelvic pain and are fed up with having to take painkillers and spend time and money on treatments that do not give lasting results.