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The Buttafly For Yoga & Meditation

22 November, 2021 @ 3:30 pm - 5:00 pm

Get The Best Out Of Your Buttafly Yoga Block

Live Online with TillyLou James, Physiotherapist, Yoga Teacher & Designer of the Buttafly


The Buttafly for yoga and meditation functions both as a seat and as a versatile yoga block. As a seat, it is designed to support the pelvis in such a way that the spine comes into its optimal alignment during sitting. The Buttafly can be used on the floor for cross-legged sitting and is ideal for Easy Pose, Sukhasana. The Buttafly can also be used on the seat of a normal chair. In both situations, the wedge shape promotes good posture when sitting. The indent at the back avoids pressure on the tailbone.

In this workshop, we explore how to find the ideal alignment for sitting practices to help you get the best out of seated postures, meditation, and pranayama.


As a yoga block, the gentle curves of the Buttafly are designed to fit comfortably around your limbs, and the wedge-shape to nicely fill the gap between limb and floor.

There are so many postures in yoga, Pilates, and home exercises that, with the right support, we can ease into them a little more gently, and stay a little longer so that tension and stress can just melt away.

The Buttafly can be used in place of pillows, blankets, bolsters, bricks, and conventional yoga blocks, and it is especially suitable for restorative and Yin Yoga.

Make This Commitment To Yourself Today

Upon purchase, you will receive confirmation of your booking. The Zoom login details will then be emailed to you a few hours before the event begins.

There will be a waiting room set up on Zoom and we will begin promptly at 3.30 pm (London time).


Equipment To Bring

  • Your Buttafly/s
  • Yoga mat
  • Cushions
  • Regular yoga blocks
  • Bolster

Spaces are limited and we invite all participants to put their questions forward.

Meanwhile, you may like to check out our ideas for using the Buttafly for yoga,

We invite you to watch our videos on YouTube, explore a little for yourself and have any queries ready for Q&A with TillyLou. Please like and subscribe to our channel!

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