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Yoga for a Healthy Back

20 July, 2020 @ 9:30 am - 26 July, 2020 @ 10:45 am

Gentle movement and yoga have been proven to reduce back pain and stiffness. If you are suffering currently from back pain – or have suffered at some time in the past – you will likely want to know what you can do to look after yourself and how you can make your back healthy again.

This course will run daily for 7 days and has been designed to help you treat your own back at home. You will benefit most by attending each day and the sessions will be recorded in case you are unable to make the scheduled time.

Led by TillyLou James, physiotherapist, yoga teacher & designer of the Buttafly, you will be guided through a yoga practice that touches on all aspects of a back problem including movement, breathwork, and importantly, an exploration of the mind-body connection.

Who the Course is suitable for:

  • You will need to be able to sit in an upright chair and get up and down from the floor unaided. No prior experience of yoga is necessary
  • People with intermittent or recurrent back pain
  • Those with chronic pelvic pain and hip problems
  • Anyone with mild scoliosis, a leg length difference or asymmetry of the spine e.g. Women who have had a mastectomy

Who the Course is NOT suitable for:

  • People with acute back pain
  • Those acute sciatica, pins and needle, numbness or tingling
  • Anyone on strong pain-relieving medication


8.30 am – 09.45 am daily, starting Monday, 20th July.

The class itself will last for an hour with 15′  at the end for Q&A.

What you will need:

  • Your Buttafly
  • Wear comfortable, loose clothing
  • Yoga mat or a nice thick blanket or two to lie on
  • Upright/dining chair
  • 3 cushions/pillows
  • Ideally, you will access these classes on a large screen and have your video turned on


The cost of this course is structured so that you can pay what you can afford:

£35 / £75 /£105

To book your place, and for payment and registration details, please send an email to:


The Buttafly Effect

Initially, the Buttafly was designed as a seat for meditation and a versatile yoga block. The ability for it to facilitate a curative release of the spine was a chance discovery by its designer – also a physiotherapist and yoga teacher – TillyLou James.

A rollerblading accident in 2005 left TillyLou with a fractured sacrum. As a result, ten years on, she suffered intermittent episodes of pain and stiffness despite physiotherapy, osteopathy, craniosacral therapy, acupuncture, exercise, and Pilates. After using the Buttafly on a regular basis, however, her symptoms gradually became less and less and eventually cleared.

Since then, TillyLou has been helping people with many different types of back pain benefit from quick and easy relief of symptoms, and improved posture and flexibility too.

For more information about the back care technique, follow the link:


If you would like to have a private consultation with TillyLou James, contact her via email:


Click here for more information on using the Buttafly to release the spine:


Follow this link for more information about yoga and back pain:



20 July, 2020 @ 9:30 am
26 July, 2020 @ 10:45 am


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