How cyclists benefit from the Buttafly

Watch any cyclist get off their bike after a ride and you will soon figure that coming into the opposite position of hunching over the handles bars is an instinctive reaction. Stretching regimes and Yoga classes specifically geared to cyclists are now a well-established niche but is stretching the only way to release our tissues – especially the indomitable psoas? These deeply placed hip flexor muscles are the focus of many classes and yet for many remain tight and inflexible restricting full range of movement of the back, hips and pelvis.

While the Buttafly was originally designed as a seat for Yoga and meditation, using it in supine has time and again been shown to precipitate a deep release in the trunk – often after just a few minutes. The speed with which the release happens in most people is both surprising and exciting and now the subject of much discussion among therapists and researchers.


Could it be that the release affects our fascia?

Fascia is a special type of connective tissue, a tightly knit web that weaves around each and every muscle, bone, nerve, artery and vein in our bodies, as well as all of our internal organs; quite literally it holds us together, both supporting and offering a slide-and-glide-ability of tissues to enable freedom of movement in and of the body.

There is still much we don’t understand about fascia and ‘myofascia’ – the myo bit refers to muscle – and like any new science it is subject to both ridicule and scepticism. This does not detract from the positive experiences reported by many who have experienced myofascial release massage and specific exercise regimes – and not just physical either. The techniques seem to precipitate great improvement in their overall sense of well-being and it is not at all unusual for people to have an emotional experience as reported by Ernest here.

“I use the Buttafly in the supine position to get deep relaxation of the hip flexors. So effective is the release that tears flowed the very first time I tried it. As a Thai Massage Practitioner I take my Buttafly everywhere I go, it’s invaluable.” – Ernest Bryden

The golden rule for using the Buttafly to be effective in this way is that the individual has to be comfortable – the old school ‘no pain, no gain’ maxim is taboo here.


To try it for yourself, watch this video first for a full explanation of how to support this positional release technique for your overall health and well-being.