How is Buttafly like a toothbrush?

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As a prop for Yoga and meditation, the ergonomic curves and wedged shaped of Buttafly in many ways speak for themselves and the concept is fairly easy to understand with a basic grasp of the anatomy – Buttafly is designed to accommodate the natural contours of the pelvis and it offers a support that helps the Yogi/meditation practitioner to sit in a classical meditation pose with ease and a well aligned posture.


As a device available to nearly everyone for a healthy back however, it takes some explanation. You see, when we lie down on our back, much of our weight is taken through the triangular bone at the base of the spine – known as the sacrum. And although gravity has been eliminated, lying on the back in this way does not allow for an “unwinding” of the habitual postures taken up during the day. For that, we would have to bathe in water where gravity is eliminated and our natural buoyancy means we are both supported and free to move – in much the same way as in the womb.

This is where Buttafly comes in – lying down on our back with a Buttafly placed low down under the pelvis so that the sacrum falls away in the indent. The spine, now off-loaded and in neutral, can make any subtle adjustments it wants to, organised by the natural intelligence of the body (the same intelligence that seeks to maintain equilibrium in all our bodily functions such as core temperature, blood pressure etc.)

Positioning the body can have astonishing effects on alignment of the spine – as shown by the many before-and-after photographs and testimonials of people who have tried it.

So what is the difference between lying down over a Buttafly versus a good night’s kip? Intriguing isn’t it? You would really think that being horizontal for 8 hours would make at least the same difference if not even more perhaps… But early morning assessments show this not to be the case. Off-load the sacrum and at the same time, offer the body the most gentle of inversions and real magic can happen. All for less than the cost of a regular massage and, given the portability of Buttafly, a self-care treatment that is available pretty much any time, any place.

And just as brushing your teeth today keeps them clean and looking good today while at the same time, contributes to long-term oral health, using Buttafly on a daily basis helps the spine to unwind from the postural habits of your day while investing in the health and well-being of your back for the future.


Please note that using the Buttafly in this way does not claim to have specific therapeutic value although it may be included in therapeutic programs in which case, a full consultation is advised with a licensed practitioner.


“… What impressed, and surprised, me most were the effects of using Buttafly in different places along the back when in a lying position. In a spare 20 minutes at the recent British Wheel of Yoga Congress, Louise placed the blocks in certain positions under my body. In one such position I could feel almost immediately that something quite powerful was happening. More than one person commented on the immediate change in my posture and there was a pronounced realignment of the muscles either side of my spine. As a result I have no doubt that Buttafly could be a very valuable tool in the releasing of deeply held tightness and tension in the body, mind and emotions.”

Nick Edge, Teacher of Yoga and meditation, Mandala Ashram, UK


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