Affiliate Programme

The Buttafly affiliate programme is called Kaleidoscope. This is the name given to a group of butterflies and it’s also the word used to describe a constantly changing pattern, the structure of which I see as a mandala. 

As such, it represents my desire to achieve wholeness through collaboration, and a shared commitment to promoting yoga for all.

Through Kaleidoscope, my vision is to build a community that is inclusive of everyone, and where we learn and work together to promote safe, fulfilling yoga practices and effective therapy.



  • Allied Health Professional, certified manual therapist, Pilates instructor, yoga teacher with a minimum 500-hour training or a yoga therapist
  • Have attended a Buttafly Training Workshop (in person or online) and be confident in how to use the Buttafly as a seat, a yoga block, and an aid for back care. See here for dates and details
  • Have invested in the minimum equipment for the training (1 x Flat Buttafly, 1 x Tall Buttafly and 2 x Standard – discounts apply)
  • Teach regularly in scheduled classes or own, manage or work in a studio
  • Subscribe to the Buttafly through your social media channels – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube (whichever apply to you)
  • Share your love of the Buttafly through your social media network at least 3 times a year



  • Be able to offer a 10% discount code to your clients/students and receive 10% commission on all sales
  • Receive a 20% discount on all purchases and free postage on orders worth £180 or more (UK only)
  • Be among the first people to be notified about offers and promotions, workshops, and early-bird discounts
  • Be listed as an Affiliate on the Buttafly website
  • Be entitled to use the “Buttafly Affiliate” banner on your website home page
  • Be featured in the Buttafly social media posts
  • Enjoy the opportunity to collaborate on events and have your events promoted


Apply here:

Please email us with your wish to apply and we will get right back to you with all the details.

Beth from Yogalates London

“I love introducing new Yogalates clients of mine to the Buttafly.  Seeing their faces light up as their posture transforms, allowing them to sit comfortably in a traditionally Eastern seated pose that would usually require more openness in the hips.  The Buttafly affords many of my clients, especially beginners to yoga and Pilates, confidence with yoga postures that may feel very alien to them.  It’s also incredibly versatile and can assist in a number of other postures.  What it does in releasing spinal tension for a lot of clients suffering from back pain is phenomenal!”