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The Buttafly Technique Affiliate Programme For Practitioners

Kaleidoscope is the name given to a group of butterflies and it’s also the word used to describe a constantly changing pattern, the structure of which I perceive as a mandala.

As such, it represents the different parts of my journey with the Buttafly and the Buttafly Technique, and the wholeness of collaboration in helping others achieve their greatest potential through knowing the wisdom of their body.  

Through Kaleidoscope, my vision is to build a community of like-minded professionals, where we learn and work together to promote the Buttafly Technique safely and effectively to all those who will benefit.

Benefits of Membership

  • Training and ongoing support to include optional monthly sessions
  • Offer a 10% discount to your clients and students
  • Receive a 15% commission on product sales
  • Benefit from a 25% discount on product purchases and free postage on orders worth £150 or more (the UK only)
  • Enjoy early-bird discounts 
  • Be featured in the Buttafly social media posts
  • Collaborate on events and have your events promoted


  • Complete the Buttafly Technique Practitioner Training 
  • Subscribe to the Buttafly through your social media channels – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube (whichever applies to you)
  • Share your love of the Buttafly through your social media network at least 3 times a year
  • An annual subscription of £80 applies after the first year which is included in the cost of the practitioner training.

The Buttafly Technique Practitioner Training

Learn how to use the Buttafly Technique for the benefit of your clients:

  • Achieve good posture
  • Promote a healthy spine
  • Relief from back pain, hip pain, and chronic pelvic pain
  • Aid digestion
  • Optimize breathing 
  • Improve pelvic floor health
  • Promote relaxation
"I really struggle to sit cross legged in my yoga classes, due to tight hip muscle. With this block I could do all the seated postures, cross legged, in my class for the first time in years. Any of you who have the same problem, buy one.”

Karen Salisbury
" At the end of the day, once used, the product speaks for itself – it has revolutionised my life providing an opportunity for treatment whenever I need, help me to take control of my own physical well being… What could be better? ”

JoRae, Alchemy Woman
" What a wonderful product. It is so easy to use and has quick results! I had a free taster and I felt like my posture was aligned in minutes. So I bought one! ”

Joanne Barker