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“Listen, are you breathing just a little…”

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             Vrykasana – a garden of trees

I’ve had a few emails asking me about the quotation I used to open the session at Ally Pally two days ago.

“Listen, are you breathing just a little, and calling it a life?”

It’s from Mary Oliver and on reading it in a poetry book last week, I found it really stirred up some poignant reflection… I came to think about what International Yoga Day means to me, really means, you know?

I got to thinking, are we loving just a little, and calling ourselves connected?

And that is why I chose to share such a simple asana practice and encouraged us to unite breath and movement, within ourselves and with everyone in the circle, that we move as one and in that poetry of motion, embody in the fullest sense, a feeling of being connected Yogis all around the World who likewise are gathering and sharing at this special time.

In Love and Gratitude



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