Posture and the pelvic floor

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Last week I attended a networking meeting with 20 or so beautiful ladies, all with a lovely story to tell. It was my first time to this particular group and I was given an extra few minutes to present myself and my work.
Of course, I introduced them to the Buttafly and described how this versatile yoga block is finding its way to being a unique aid for re-alignment of the spine and back care. Given the audience, I knew it would be of interest to mention the fact that how we stand has an integral relationship with the pelvic floor. As I continued talking and looking around the room, I could gauge from their reaction that this was news to most of them.
I explore this in detail in my workshops – autumn dates now being scheduled. Keep a look out for more information via #Facebook or sign up for our newsletter.
Be well, TillyLou 🙏

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