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Do You Have A Winning Posture?

Change Your Posture – Transform Your Life   While doing some research for the Buttafly Technique practitioner training manual, I came across a Ted Talk by Amy Cuddy. She’s a social psychologist who says

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The Art Of Doing Less

At this time of year, as friends regale me with stories of their summer antics, I often find myself pondering the subject of whether we should have different names for holidays

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Scientists have published a large number of studies that have proven how our moods and pain – especially back pain – are intimately related.  These studies found that: ​​ Depression

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Tapping For Health

In 2014, I was kicked out of an agency contract with the MoD for practicing tapping with young army recruits in my care. Not only that but the doctor involved

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The Truth of Tapas

Assuming you’re not being a tad rebellious and have decided against making any resolutions, how is this year’s different from the last, and in what way do you hope will

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No Pain, Lots To Gain

“Support the body well and the letting go just happens” is one of my daily mantras,” says Loulou James, physiotherapist, yoga teacher, and designer of the Buttafly. “The old adage

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Body Mind Spirit

Yesterday morning, a dear friend sent me a great TikTok video. It was of a very rich man offering 10 million dollars to anyone willing to take it in exchange

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Psychosomatic Back Pain

A search on Google brings up the following definition: “Psychosomatic disorder is a psychological condition that leads to physical symptoms, often without any medical explanation. It can affect almost any part

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