Quick fix for the office slouch!

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“As a keyboard based worker my back often gets achey towards the end of the day and that’s how it was when I went to see Louise to try out the Buttafly. After a quick look at me in standing, Louise soon had me lying on the floor with the Buttafly positioned in a comfortable position so that my back was lifted up away from the floor. She told me she wanted me to lie there for around four minutes but even within a minute or so I could start to feel my back settling into a more comfortable profile, and the tension was easing. It was amazing how quickly I could feel the difference as my body adjusted to the new alignment and then when I took the Buttafly out from underneath and laid back flat on the floor I could feel how much my shape had changed. It was even more obvious when I stood up as you can see from the photos. It’s amazing how having the right support can adjust your posture.”

Postural is often habitual and very much influenced by how we feel as well as what we spend the day doing.

Lying on Buttafly, the magic comes from within. Neither the person lying down nor the “practitioner” impose anything on the body. The key here is that a well placed Standard Buttafly low down under the pelvis off-loads the sacrum and provides a gentle inversion which together provide an opportunity for the natural intelligence of the body to generate change – if it so desires. We are talking about homeostasis here – the tendency for the body to move towards a state of equilibrium.

Rob responded incredibly quickly to lying on the Buttafly and the swift integration is clear to see in the after photograph, above.

“How often should I do this?” asked Rob. A good question and my guess is the answer is probably different for everyone. The main considerations are:

  • Posture carries the habitual patterns of a lifetime
  • From the time we climb out of bed, our body engages into a relationship with gravity
  • With the best will in the world, and no matter how mindful we may be able to train ourselves, the distractions of life are normally daily and we often spend large parts of the day with less than desirable posture.

So why not try lying on the Buttafly for 5 minutes a day, one just one week and see the results for yourself.

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