Running After

After fracturing the base of my spine in 2005, I thought my running days were over.
Yoga nestled into my life and nursed me through the indescribable symptoms of a traumatised sacrum and the emotional pain of miscarriage.
Over time, I got back to moving again and eventually, my flexibility improved beyond what it was before. Nordic walking and cycling were a breeze, but still, no running.
The remaining symptoms resolved in 2015 when I discovered The Buttafly Technique, but I still felt running was out for me.
Then came the first lockdown, with that glorious spring sunshine. I asked myself, how would it be to try a little experiment: to realign my spine every day using the Buttafly and to try a few steps of a gentle jog? My old running shoes were long gone, so I invested in my first pair of Vivobarefoot shoes… And began to bounce again.
By late summer, I was ready to try kickboxing, and have to say, I was probably the fittest in the room for my age!
By my 60th birthday, I was back to running my favourite distance, 5 miles or so. I had no back pain, no pelvic floor issues, or anything else – just the joy of freedom in my body!
Thanks to Mike Browne for coming out to play on a very chilly morning and taking some lovely photos of me in my happy place.