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Let’s Talk About Posture

It may seem obvious that poor posture causes POSTURAL STRAIN, but let’s take a moment to fully comprehend what that means… Yep, that’s right – when posture is poor, strain

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Transform Your Posture

Look Great, Feel Fabulous! It’s no exaggeration to say we feel much better overall when we improve our posture. A recent client described it as “Lighter and brighter and more

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Do You Have A Winning Posture?

Change Your Posture – Transform Your Life   While doing some research for the Buttafly Technique practitioner training manual, I came across a Ted Talk by Amy Cuddy. She’s a social psychologist who says

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The Art Of Doing Less

At this time of year, as friends regale me with stories of their summer antics, I often find myself pondering the subject of whether we should have different names for holidays

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