The Buttafly Technique – A Need You Didn’t Know You Had?

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The caterpillar instinctively knows it must go into a cocoon in order to metamorphose into a butterfly.

Through what processes are we transformed?

A few years ago, motivated by a health concern, I embarked on a 9-day detox. Following a programme laid out by the Medical Medium it was easy to know what to eat and what not. Afterward, I felt amazing, all sparkly and squeaky clean inside and out.

Without prior experience, how could I know that I would get to feel this wonderful spaciousness inside of me? It was as if all the nooks and crannies of my internal world had been given an airing. Everywhere felt light and fresh.

Could this be my original state, I remember thinking.  I wondered too if I could have been sold the idea of the detox on this premise alone. It’s hard to say… Nine days of fruit and veg, no fat, no sugar, and little protein? Probably not, because a) I love my food, b)  I worry about losing weight, and c) my diet is pretty good anyway.

Having completed it though, I can say for sure that the unlooked-for benefits represented a need I didn’t know I had.


A Feeling of Floating

It’s the same with the Buttafly Technique. The experience is without precedent. Many say it feels like floating – even those who’ve not actually been in a floatation tank! In my development of the Technique,  I’ve come to understand that the sense of weightlessness and stillness are where the alchemy happens – and this leads us back to the caterpillar, all bundled up in its cocoon.

If you would like to find out how to set up the Buttafly Technique for yourself at home and start reaping the rewards of this unique practice for self-care and holistic health, why wait? See our Events page for information and schedule.

May you enjoy fabulous health,


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