The Buttafly Technique - Practitioner Training

Learn how your clients can benefit from this outstanding technique

This course is for Allied Health Professionals, massage therapists, and personal trainers (levels 4 & 5) keen to embrace effective and innovative ways to support their clients.

The Buttafly Technique is powerful for postural correction and in alleviating back and pelvic pain. It can ease the chronic nature of these conditions and abate recurrent episodes.

Engineered by Loulou James, a specialist physiotherapist with 30 years of clinical experience, the Buttafly Technique is endorsed  by the award-winning physiotherapist Dr. Fatemeh Rezaei-Sajadinia, and accredited  by the Complementary Medical Association.

Tap into the natural intelligence of the body

The Buttafly Technique refers to the specific positioning of the Buttafly in supine lying where the weight of the pelvis is taken through the ischial tuberosities while the sacrum and coccyx float freely in the indent.

The unique way in which the body is both supported and off-loaded facilitates a natural release of the spine.

“Through my extensive research with the Buttafly Technique, it’s become clear that the majority of people ‘hold’ their posture in some way. also that most struggle to find a neutral position of their pelvis – even those who practice yoga or Pilates,” says Loulou James.

For Non-Specific Low back Pain and Chronic Pelvic Pain

This is where the Buttafly Technique comes into its own. Rather than something external being applied or done to the individual, the body is given a chance to find its own way. This makes the Technique a perfect adjunct to manual therapy and exercise techniques such as fascial release.

The effects are far-reaching and extend beyond the musculoskeletal system. It’s as if all the systems come together for one big reset. Often people have an emotional response, and therapists must be prepared for this. It’s crucial for the effectiveness of the Technique that appropriate aftercare is given.

The Buttafly Technique is so gentle that it can be set up comfortably for most people. To get the full benefits, a specific protocol is imperative.

Course Content

  • Learn how to safely and effectively incorporate the Buttafly Technique into your work
  • Empower your clients – teach them how to set it up for themselves with confidence
  • Understand the different types of back pain and how they benefit
  • Understand the application for Women’s Health conditions including period problems, pelvic pain, pelvic floor dysfunction, and pregnancy
  • Learn the benefits for other neuro-musculoskeletal conditions
  • Gain insight into the advantages for sports enthusiasts, especially runners and cyclists
  • Know when to refer your clients on onUnderstand


  • Cost £295
  • 2 Day Workshop with Loulou James, the designer of the Buttafly
  • Ongoing training and support offered
  • Discounts on Buttafly purchases; commission on sales
  • Be entitled to be included on our website as a practitioner

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Eleni Vrahimis, Physiotherapist 

I attended a two-day class with Loulou on how to best use the Buttafly for therapeutic purposes and in yoga class. I found her to be very informative and passionate about the use of Buttafly Effect and its ability to help people.

I’ve gone on to use it successfully with patients suffering from low back pain and specifically coccydynia.

Our lessons were on Zoom and I found her teaching to be clear and the two days were paced beautifully.

Neil Baird, Yoga Therapist

The training with Loulou was time well spent in many ways. Although at first, I couldn’t imagine how we would spend two days on the topic, as soon as we began I realised that this was to be much more than I had expected. We were not simply going to be learning about the benefits and uses of the Buttafly products, but we would learn from Loulou’s experience of working with clients and students as a bodyworker, physiotherapist, healing practitioner, and yoga teacher. We came to understand through hearing her experiences and exploring for ourselves why the Buttafly is such a powerful tool. And while in two days we could not cover Anatomy in any depth, I learned a great amount about the human body in those few hours in the context of teaching yoga.

We explored for ourselves, and with others in the class, about our own postural strengths and weaknesses, the individuality of our bodies, and how to support our own progress. We worked with idea that ‘less can be more’ when the right interventions are made in the appropriate way.

Loulou taught us that if we support the body well, the body’s intelligence will allow a postural release to occur naturally. We learned that the subtlest of shifts or changes to our posture while sitting in Sukasana or lying in Savasana can have a big impact on our experience.

I think we all came to realise that too often, the fundamentals of posture can be too easily overlooked in classes, or problems are even obscured by notions of what is the right way to be doing something. And of course we learned how the simple unique design of the Buttafly can be an invaluable aid in working with our students or clients. The days flew by and I am looking forward to doing more.

Beth, Yogalates Teacher 

I love introducing new clients of mine to the Buttafly… What it does in releasing spinal tension for a lot of clients suffering from back pain is phenomenal.