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Buttafly National Yoga Month Sponsor

It has been a privilege and a delight to co-host National Yoga Month this year alongside co-founder, Johannes Fisslinger.

I don’t think Johannes knew what hit him when I suggested organising a 30-day marathon of free online yoga to celebrate this year but we did it and it was fabulous.

Historically, National Yoga Month sees yoga studios opening up their doors for free to encourage newcomers and introduce them to the health benefits of yoga. We sincerely hope that this will be the case next year and likely, building on the success of 2020, we will be hosting online events too.

Usually, at this time of year, I’m drawing to a close a glorious time spent festival-hopping, teaching, and demonstrating how the Buttafly can be used to get more out of yoga and meditation; also, its benefits for the sufferers of back pain.

Filmed across a number of events, everyone in this video had their story to tell and it’s out in the field that I reap the rewards of my life’s work. There is no greater joy than making a positive impact and the Buttafly functions in so many ways that it truly is an essential accessory for yoga and meditation.

I miss the vibe and, though trying to be fully present and in the moment, look forward to being back on the road again next year!

As well as, of course, the celebrations of another National Yoga Month.

With much appreciation to Johannes Fisslinger, also the founder of Lifestyle Medicine® and Lifestyle Prescriptions®.


National Yoga Month Offer

To celebrate National Yoga Month, if you buy the Buttafly until 31 October, we’ll donate 10% to Yoga Recess Day: Bringing yoga-based health and fitness education into schools.

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