Using Your Buttafly

If you use yoga blocks and props for your practice, you’re going to love the Buttafly.

Designed by a physical therapist and yoga teacher the Buttafly is shaped to fit your body so that you can sit more comfortably and for longer.

Designed by a physiotherapist, the Buttafly is simple to use and provides fast and effective relief from back pain.

The blog

Upside Down!

  We don’t have a photograph of using the Buttafly upside down so we’ve used the logo instead! The point we are wanting to make here is that there are

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The Spine & Inversions

Feeling The Shape Of Our Spine When We are Upside Down Viparita Karani and all inversions seem to turn everything topsy-turvey. When we do a forward bend in standing, it’s

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National Yoga Month – free mindfullness and meditation classes online

The Most Essential Yoga Block

Buttafly National Yoga Month Sponsor It has been a privilege and a delight to co-host National Yoga Month this year alongside co-founder, Johannes Fisslinger. I don’t think Johannes knew what

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