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Photo by Meta Zahren on Unsplash

I am throwing down the gauntlet to challenge what we think we know about back pain. The statistics show that 80% of adults will complain at some time in their life and in 80% of cases there is no identifiable cause.

As I step up and rise to the challenge by presenting the Buttafly as a new concept in back care and potentially back pain management, supported by powerful anecdotal evidence, I ask only that people support me by bringing an open mind to the table – thanks to Faith Minty for making this point. She describes herself as a “sceptical nurse but an open minded yogi!” and wrote this today:

“The Buttafly is simply amazing, having been introduced to it yesterday I was initially sceptical. How could a yoga block, however cleverly and ergonomically designed help create space in my back, hips and legs especially as I have complex joint problems, knee issues, back concerns and sciatica. Tilly showed us the correct way to use the Buttafly and I couldn’t believe the difference following a short period of time resting on it. My lower back felt so much more open, my hips felt released and I generally felt calmer and more connected. So after a 12 hour day on a busy ward, split between terribly unergonomic chairs and being very active I get tight and stiff so I thought I’d see if the Buttafly could work its magic. It took me a few moments to find the “sweet spot” however the it was almost instant relief. Possibly helped by lying in the dark, under a duvet. But the Buttafly certainly helped me to find a deep release and I feel amazing!”

Really, we have little choice but to think outside the box because what’s currently in place is not working – the statistics speak for themselves.

TillyLou James

Designer of the Buttafly

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