A Healthy Pelvic Floor for Life


Understand how spinal alignment, posture and breathing affect your pelvic floor; Explore the role of the Buttafly Technique for a healthy pelvic floor; Learn how to use breathwork to support the function of the pelvic floor. Presented by This online workshop is led by Loulou James, the designer of the Buttafly, a spinal health specialist…

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A Healthy Spine for LIFE


All you need to know to achieve a flexible and pain-free spine Whether you’re looking for preventative back care, effortless good posture, a drug-free solution to back pain, improved pelvic floor health or a boost to your vitality, this workshop is for you. To fully participate in the practical, you will need a Standard Buttafly.…

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Wimborne Dorset, United Kingdom

Experience the Joy of Transformation From Within Discover the profound healing effects of facilitating a natural realignment of your spine with the Buttafly Technique. The Buttafly Technique supports the wisdom in the body to promote healing from the inside and is gentle and deeply effective. Its potency lies in precisely positioning the Buttafly and setting…

Psoas Relief with the Buttafly Technique


The psoas has been described as "one of the most influential and enigmatic muscular structures in the human body." It is the only muscle that directly links the spine with our lower limbs, and it's the only muscle I know of that has two books written solely about it... One author describes it as "very…

Why the Buttafly – A Workshop for Yoga Teachers


Discover the Benefits of the Buttafly for Yoga & Pilates Many practitioners of yoga, Pilates, and other mat-based movement practices often experience physical discomfort, such as stiff shoulders, dodgy knees, or painful hips. In fact, it's not uncommon for individuals to turn to these practices specifically to manage such symptoms. This places a significant responsibility…

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