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TillyLou James

"Sit well, breathe well, be well," TillyLou James

I originally designed the Buttafly to address the challenge of sitting comfortably on the floor.

Early on in my yoga journey, sitting cross-legged on the floor was one of my biggest challenges – I found it impossible to sit without slouching, making it difficult to breathe into the belly and causing my low back to ache.

As a physiotherapist specializing in neuromusculoskeletal problems, I was keen to find out how others faired and was shocked by my findings. So many students and indeed teachers sat in a way that, to my mind, was undoing the benefits of their yoga practice. So I determined to come up with a solution aimed at suiting as wide a range of people as possible, and also one that could be used in ways other for sitting.

As a seat, the Buttafly is ergonomically designed to complement the shape of the pelvis to provide a comfortable and stable base for cross-legged sitting. 

 “Support the body well and the letting-go just happens!”

In addition, the unique wedged shape and fluid curves make it a versatile yoga block, providing firm yet comfortable support in many different postures. It works especially well for restorative and Yin yoga.

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The Yoga Block of Choice For Teachers & Therapists

TillyLou with international yoga teacher Shiva Rea

Yoga offers a complete body and mind workout, with a complement of benefits you rarely find elsewhere. Yet as Yoga has become more popular, Yoga-related injuries have also become more common. 

In many styles of yoga,  there is increasing emphasis on the physical and social media posts regularly show practitioners in challenging poses. But yoga is not a sport neither is it meant to be competitive. 

The Buttafly is designed to help you practice safely and remain injury free.

Headed up by our designer, TillyLou who is also trained in Clinical Pilates, we are delighted to be working closely with other physiotherapists and Allied Health Professionals, as well as yoga teachers and therapists.

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The Revolutionary Back Care Product

The ability for the Buttafly to facilitate a curative release of the spine came about quite by chance.

“In 2005, I fractured my sacrum in a roller-blading accident leaving me with chronic back problems and a knobbly bit of bone on my sacrum that prevents me being able to lie down flat on a hard surface.

“As soon as the first shipment of Buttaflys arrived I began to explore different ways of using them. I found a way to place a Standard Buttafly under my pelvis to avoid direct pressure on my sacrum. The position was super comfortable but moreover I was so excited to be able to lie “flat” on my mat for the first time in ten years. The real surprise came afterwards though – I noticed that my spine had released and elongated in a way that I’ve only ever experienced after craniosacral therapy. With continued used, my chronic back pain resolved. 

“I’ve gone on to use this position as a treatment technique with tremendous success. Many of my clients have felt immediate relief from back pain, and have gone on to make a full recovery from chronic back pain and related symptoms like sciatica.

“I could never have imagined that I would follow in the footsteps of Robin McKenzie, the pioneering back pain specialist and author of Treat Your Own Back. Just like the McKenzie Method,  the Buttafly Effect is a happy accident and one that is changing lives for the better.”