A new approach to back care and spinal health.

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Flat Buttafly

Spinal Health

Discover the advantages of realigning your spine every day with the Buttafly.

  • Less backache/back pain
  • Effortless good posture
  • Increased flexibility
  • Greater physical coordination
  • Better core strength
  • Improved pelvic floor function
  • Counter the problems caused by sitting all day
  • Enjoy more room to breathe
  • Enhanced vitality

Yoga & Pilates

Elevate your practices with the Buttafly.

Its wedged shape and fluid curves are designed to fit around your body to provide firm yet comfortable support.

The Buttafly can help you achieve the best position you can in many different poses without the irritation of the hard edges of regular yoga blocks digging into the back of your thighs or the frustration of sagging cushions!

Be comfortable, stay a little longer, and let your stress and tension melt away.

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Tall Buttafly

Ergonomically Designed

Standard Buttafly


Meditate with comfort and ease.

The Buttafly’s ergonomic shape is designed to promote effortless good posture and relieve tension and fatigue:

  • Gently sloping upper surface provides the right foundations for good posture
  • Unique groove at the back avoids pressure on the tailbone
  • Indent at the front provides space for the feet
  • 2 Sizes and a stacker model for you to get the right height for you

“The Buttafly Technique is probably the best system I’ve used for low back relief, and I’ve tried them all."

— Paul James Donnelly, CEO & Founder of Winback Medical UK & Ireland

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The Buttafly Effect 7-Day Challenge – A Healthy Spine for LIFE

Are you struggling with chronic back pain or recurrent pelvic pain and fed up with having to take painkillers and spend time and money on treatments that do not give lasting results?

If so, the Buttafly Effect 7-Day Challenge, A Healthy Spine for LIFE, is for you.

The Buttafly Technique facilitates a natural and curative release of the spine and results in the “Buttafly Effect” – a myriad of transformations throughout body and mind.

To shepherd you through the process, the Buttafly Effect 7-Day Challenge offers a unique combination of body-mind practices centred around the Buttafly Technique to bring your spine and whole being back into balance.

The challenge is to restore trust in your body’s wisdom so that you can experience pain relief, enjoy effortless good posture, and ultimately get back to doing the things you love most.

The Buttafly Technique is not just a technique. It’s a healing journey that aims to replace your fears with hope and renew your confidence in yourself. The 7-Day Challenge is prerecorded for you to revisit as often as you like – maybe do it three times in a row to ingrain the new habits!

Join the waiting list TODAY to receive a notification when the Challenge goes live and receive your FREE sample meditation.

The Buttafly Effect 7-Day Challenge

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Practitioner Training

Are you an Allied Health Professional or a Massage Therapist?

Are you keen to embrace effective new ways to support your clients?

The Buttafly Effect refers to the release of the spine that occurs as a direct result of specific positioning of the Buttafly block in supine lying.

With proper application, the Buttafly Technique is effective in providing postural care and back pain relief.

Learn how to incorporate this outstanding new technique endorsed by the Complementary Medical Association into your work for the benefit of your clients.