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The Buttafly is your ultimate aid on your journey to wellness.

Whether your main focus is posture correction, back pain relief, mental clarity, or emotional balance, the Buttafly is here to elevate your efforts and help you soar to new heights.

Imagine simply being able to connect with the wisdom in your body to care for your spine and promote a healthy back for LIFE.

Everyone loves feeling supple and strong yet few truly acknowledge that physical prowess begins with a healthy spine deep in your core. For many, the spine remains not only unseen but unknown. 

The Buttafly helps to remedy this by offering exciting new ways for you to develop greater awareness of your spine – explore the smallest of movements, and the most subtle of sensations so that the wisdom in your body is no longer a mystery but experienced – and gloriously so!

It allows you to integrate fitness into your daily routine efficiently and achieve your wellness goals with ease. Lightweight and compact, the Buttafly fits seamlessly into your bag, making it perfect for travel, outdoor adventures, and even your office space.

The Buttafly ensures tranquillity on the go… Find your sanctuary wherever you are and immerse yourself in a world of serenity with the Buttafly.

Created by me, an intuitive and highly experienced physiotherapist and yoga teacher, the Buttafly provides a complete system of self-care for your spine. Through my work with it, I’ve come to a new understanding of the spine and its relevance to posture and back pain. The Buttafly has introduced me to the wisdom in the body as it relates to the spine and healing of mind, body and spirit, to the extent that I no longer operate as a conventional physiotherapist.

May the versatile Buttafly offer you endless possibilities for rest, movement and rehabilitation in your quest to embrace a healthier lifestyle.

MCSP (Member of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy)


Treat your own back daily with the Buttafly to aid posture correction, increase flexibility, improve core strength, ease and prevent back pain. 

“The Buttafly Technique is probably the best system I’ve used for low back relief, and I’ve tried them all.”

Paul James Donnelly, CEO & Founder of Winback Medical UK & Ireland


Elevate your yoga/Pilates/home exercises to therapeutic levels with the Buttafly and be your own physical therapist!  The versatile Buttafly provides untold comfort for many poses and positions. In addition, its unique shape can be used to encourage movement in stiff joints and bring relief to painful ones. From beginners to advanced practitioners, the Buttafly will enhance your practices.

“One of the few props I use and believe in.”

Jamie Elmer, Yoga Teacher and Movement Therapist, USA


Discover complete comfort and ease. The Buttafly’s ergonomic shape and premium materials are specifically designed to provide a meditation cushion / yoga seat that promotes good posture with minimal effort, so relieving stress, tension and fatigue.

“This is not just another yoga gimmick. I truly believe that the Buttafly can enhance a meditation practice for both beginners and experienced practitioners.”

James Chapman, Yoga Teacher & Therapist, London

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"I really struggle to sit cross legged in my yoga classes, due to tight hip muscle. With this block I could do all the seated postures, cross legged, in my class for the first time in years. Any of you who have the same problem, buy one.”

Karen Salisbury
"The Buttafly is an ingenious design.”

Fiona Agombar

Yoga Therapist, Author & Rest Activist
"The Buttafly is the most effective self-care tool for the pelvis and postural alignment.”

Madelin Semper
Massage Therapist & Educator
"At the end of the day, once used, the product speaks for itself – it has revolutionised my life providing an opportunity for treatment whenever I need, help me to take control of my own physical well being… What could be better?”

" What a wonderful product. It is so easy to use and has quick results! I had a free taster and I felt like my posture was aligned in minutes. So I bought one! ”

Joanne Barker
"An amazing prop. I sue it all the time and bring it with me when I travel. Just love it!”

Marija Kovandic
Yoga Teacher
"I have been using my Buttafly for over a year now and find it indispensible in my practice.”

Mary Nelson
Yoga Teacher
"The Buttafly is one of the best supports I've used for sitting posture - it's great for alignment and comfort and also has a multitude of uses. Thank you.”

Neil Oliver
"The Buttafly is truly amazing. I suffer from chronic lower back pain and already it has helped me. I will definitely be using it daily. Thank you so much.”

Kasia Kowalska-Trela
"The Buttafly is truly amazing. I suffer from chronic lower back pain and already it has helped me. I will definitely be using it daily. Thank you so much.”

Kasia Kowalska-Trela
"Surprisingly simple and effective body tool - I love it!”

Angela Farmer
International Yoga Teacher
"My friend and I attended one of Loulou's sessions at the London Yoga Show and were so impressed, we immediatley bought a Buttafly each... Since using it regularly my long-standing sacroiliac joint has disappeared so I am a great enthusiast!”

Jacki Matthews
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Are you an Allied Health Professional or a Massage Therapist and keen to embrace effective new ways to support your clients?

The Buttafly Effect refers to the release of the spine that occurs as a direct result of specific positioning of the Buttafly block in supine lying.

With proper application, the Buttafly Technique is effective in providing postural care and back pain relief.

Learn how to incorporate this outstanding new technique endorsed by the Complementary Medical Association into your work for the benefit of your clients.

Loulou James, Chartered Physiotherapist (retired) and creator of the Buttafly Technique positions the Buttafly to facilitate a natural release of the spine.

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