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“Non Specific Low Back Pain”

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An Official Diagnosis

Non Specific Low Back Pain is the diagnosis given to 80% of adults who suffer from low back pain. It is defined as low back pain that is not attributable to a recognisable pathology e.g. infection, tumour, osteoporosis, fracture, structural deformity etc.

Staggering figures for the UK alone:

  • Back pain affects up to 80% of the population at some time in their lives,
  • The cost to the NHS is £500 million each year
  • One-third of all long-term sickness absence from work, and nearly a fifth of any sick leave, is caused lower back and neck pain

The latest Global Burden of Disease study produced by the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation and published by the Lancet showed that together they represent the “leading global cause of disability in 2015 in most countries.”

Self-Limiting Disease

The good news though is that approximately 90% of people will recover in 3-4 months regardless of treatment or advice. The bad news is that although the pain may go away, the re-occurrence rate of low back pain is very high. Approximately 60% are likely to experience another episode within 3-6 months.

Many sufferers seek the care of fitness professionals and complementary therapists and endeavour to self-manage back pain by taking up yoga and Pilates.


How can the Buttafly Help?

  • By providing ergonomic support for seated practices in yoga and Pilates
  • By providing an ergonomic prop for floor-based exercises and movement therapy as well as yoga and Pilates,
  • By providing a useful tool for the rehabilitation of posture (either self-care or under the tutelage of a practitioner)
  • It functions as a unique tool for self-care of the spine How to use the Buttafly to treat your own back »

What Else Might Help You?


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