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Yesterday morning, a dear friend sent me a great TikTok video.

It was of a very rich man offering 10 million dollars to anyone willing to take it in exchange for not waking up the next day. Of course, the response of people calling in was like, “no way!”. He then went on to make the point that if waking up the next day was worth 10 million, why don’t we feel as excited about our lives every day, just as if we’d been given the money?!

For me, it was a good point well-made, especially in these times where we have less idea than ever about what tomorrow will bring. This uncertainty may show up in our physical health in any number of ways, depending on the thoughts we have about it and the meaning we give to them.

The specific connections between body and mind are detailed in Organ-Mind-Brain Anatomy which underpins my work as a Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coach. The level of accuracy that this approach offers is very exciting and has seen some super quick wins for my clients with zero physical assessment.

I now proclaim myself a FORMER dyed-in-the-wool physical therapist!

Of course, there will still be situations where hands-on treatment is desirable; at the same time, I’m astounded by just how much can be achieved by resolving inner conflicts.

Throughout December, I’m offering considerable savings on one-to-one consultations with me. Every little bit helps at this time, doesn’t it? Follow the link to book with me.

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