Bridge Pose with the Buttafly

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Bridge Pose (Setu Bandha Sarvangasana) Bridge Pose is a great way to counteract all the sitting we tend to do in our daily lives. When you sit down, your hips are flexed, and often the natural curve of the low back is lost and perhaps even reversed.

Bridge Pose opens up the front of the hip joints and provides an opportunity to lengthen the whole spine and so strengthening the back muscles. In addition, Bridge Pose opens and widens across the front of the chest.

Restorative Bridge Pose

Bridge Pose can be performed dynamically or held for some time – either actively or supported with props.

 Traditionally, a yoga block or brick is placed under the sacrum but many people find this so uncomfortable that they avoid the pose altogether!

Using a Buttafly provides support across the whole width of the pelvis and so spreads the load. They can be stacked up to give the right support for you, depending on how deep you wish to take the pose.

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