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Feeling The Shape Of Our Spine When We are Upside Down

Viparita Karani and all inversions seem to turn everything topsy-turvey. When we do a forward bend in standing, it’s fairly easy to have a good idea of what our spine is doing compared to when we lie down or perform some kind of inversion. Then, it’s much more difficult.

It’s as if the proprioceptors – those little receptors that tell us where our body is in space – get all confused… Is the spine in a forward bend, a backward bend, or both?

Knowing what we are aiming to achieve, and why, in any given pose is a helpful starting point.


Legs Up The Wall

This coming Sunday, I will be doing a free Facebook live session, looking at the position of the spine in one of my all-time favourite poses Viparita Karani, commonly called legs-up-the-wall.

If you prefer, join us on Zoom

Password: 222 222

Come along and join me at midday on Sunday 22nd November – bring your favourite yoga props and let’s play!


To be Followed By…

Meditation to live music. My good friend Cloudsong will be playing the hand pan for us for a 22-minute meditation.

Here’s a recording we did a year ago or so.

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