For You & Your Mighty Psoas

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by Loulou James

For nearly two decades now my work has focused on the pelvis, the back, and the belly. It’s wasn’t planned this way but looking back, I can see that the journey began long before I realised.

There was a two-year period where I was on the receiving end of bullying from what felt like all directions – certainly in the workplace and at home. I can remember saying to my friend that I felt this tight knot in my solar plexus area as if I’d been punched. He replied, “Well, you have, metaphorically speaking.”

It was quite some time before I reached the point where I had no option but to listen to my body, and found myself on the long and winding road back to health.

Along the way, I discovered that lying in the bath in the position shown in the photograph was incredible for releasing tension in my lower body. It’s still a favourite and, as I was practicing last weekend, thought to record the self-guided meditation for my tribe!

One of these long evenings then, you may like to run yourself a steaming hot bath, light some candles, and let yourself be soothed by a somatic release of the deep hip flexors including, of course, your mighty psoas.

It’s on Buzzsprout and apparently, has already been downloaded in the US, Australia, and Romania!


Feel free to share – most of all, I would love to hear how you get on…

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