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A Personal Story

Today, nearly six years after giving birth to this baby, #WINBACK, one of the fasting-growing companies operating in the physiotherapy and sports medicine arena internationally, has launched the Buttafly on their new website and across social media.

What I initially conceived as a yoga block & meditation seat is having unforeseen benefits for back pain and, regardless of my intent to leave that world behind, is taking me back to my roots as a physio.

Back at school, I remember standing in the deputy head’s office for a career meeting and telling her that I wanted to be a physio – though I’ve no idea how I knew what one was. She spat, (she did that a lot!) “Well, you’ll never make any money.”

Money has never been my motivating force – although having put my house into this business, I would sure love to put a roof over my head again. My passion has always been helping people and more than anything, I’ve just followed where I felt compelled to go.

How could I know that I was part of a story I didn’t (consciously) write?

Shortly after fracturing the base of my spine while pregnant in 2005, I miscarried. As I waded through grief and raging hormones, a healer intuited that he felt I was supposed to give birth to something other than a baby…

I suffered ongoing back pain and related symptoms for ten years and cured them with the Buttafly.

It seems as if now, I’ve come full circle.

TillyLou 🙏

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