Full Circle…


… And welcome to London, Jamie Elmer!

A few years ago I was lucky enough to sign up for a weekend workshop with global speaker, teacher and author Max Strom. Having spent many hours training with a teacher who loved to talk, it was beautiful revelation to be in a class where few words were spoken… And boy, how powerful they were! I recall him leading us through a body scan ending with, “And relax your face…(long pause)

For the rest of your life!”

It was one of the moments when you just know someone has touched you very deeply. We shared a brief conversation at the end of the class as Max asked about the strange shaped block on the front of my mat. It’s a Buttafly I said, I’ll mail you one. Actually, I mailed two across the pond one of which he gave to Jamie Elmer, his teaching assistant. In no time at all she contacted me and said, this is the best thing ever, can I be your American ambassador?! That was a little over a year ago and after several Skype sessions we finally met today in London where she is teaching anatomy on Max’s teacher training. Don’t you just love it when you meet someone and you feel as if you have known them forever?

If you are not familiar with Max’s teachings, here is a link to a great TED talk, Breathe to Heal and his book A Life Worth Breathing. Can’t recommend highly enough!