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It’s my birthday today and here I am, a year ago, about to receive 60 bumps!

Truth be told, there are a whole bunch of things I thought would never happen to me. Growing “old” was one of them, that and the menopause – I was never going to go through that, and my hair was absolutely NOT going to turn silver…

I don’t know if I thought I would pass before these events became the natural order of things or if I thought I was immune. On reflection, it’s definitely the latter. I can’t even call it wishful thinking! No doubt this says something about my psyche but let’s not go down that rabbit hole today…


Let’s Get Serious

After the champagne had been quaffed and the celebrations, too soon a memory, I settled down to the sobering realisation that I now qualified for a bus pass. May I write FFS here?

There was no getting away from it, the laws of linear time urged me to get serious – or perhaps grow up!

And so I found myself considering my health with a new-found earnestness. Given that I think I’ve a good level of self-discipline it was astonishing to discover just how much I cherry-picked my self-care practices.

More than anything, my preference has always been to zoom outdoors on waking up. It’s a time of day when I’m not phased by the weather. Come rain or shine, I’m happy to skip outside, throw my arms wide and love life.

But, during the development of the Buttafly Technique, when I discovered that even first thing in the morning it facilitates a realignment of my spine, I realised that this makes it an essential ‘wiping the postural slate clean’ before movement practices. A good analogy is brushing your teeth before eating breakfast…

Since it makes sense to do the Buttafly Technique before doing yoga under the oak tree or running around the country lanes like a loopy bunny, I’ve learned to master control over my morning surge in cortisol and have made good friends with lying down in position while practising Yoga Nidra and pranayama. Three birds with one stone, what could be better? You see what I’m up against in the morning?

These are some of the practices I share with you in the Buttafly Technique Self Care Part 2

Having laid the foundations in Part 1, we can now explore how subtle energy practices dovetail beautifully with the Buttafly Technique to enhance the Buttafly Effect. This is the wisdom in the body at play and, by golly, it’s exponential!

Below is a testimonial from this summer.

Enjoy – meanwhile, I’m off to build up enough breath to blow out my candles!

May you enjoy fabulous health,


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