What does our posture say about us?

I think of posture as like a favourite old sweater – so well worn that it bags at the elbows and has even taken the shape of the shoulders. Like the sweater, over time our posture becomes shaped by our habits – both physical and emotional. There comes a point when our posture actually begins to define us to the extent that we assume our posture has become an integral part our fabric.

But this is rarely so and since working with the Buttafly I have discovered that using it under the buttocks in lying facilitates an unwinding of the body, a letting go of habitual holding patterns. Trained as a Physiotherapist in the days when massage and mobilisation were core to our profession, I have been surprised to find that we can lie down over a shaped foam block magic can happen. Surely it smacks of gimmickry and panders to the modern day desire for a quick fix. However, the obvious physical changes and countless positive testimonials speak for themselves and I now advocate re-alignment of the spine as a way of “recalibrating” the system in preparation for Yoga.

How we carry ourselves has bearing way beyond the physical and I believe that keen attention to posture can be a potent way of optimising well-being from the outside in. This is why I love Yoga and am passionate about posture – ultimately it’s about helping everyone reach their full potential by connecting with a true lightness of being.


TillyLou x