Lifestyle Medicine Summit 2021


The Summit is the largest global gathering of Lifestyle Medicine experts and researchers who will be sharing their evidence-based health strategies for chronic pain and dis-ease.

Many of us feel frustrated with our doctors and health care in general but don’t know where to turn to find alternative AND evidence-based solutions.

Lifestyle Medicine is a scientific approach to preventing and treating illness by utilizing comprehensive lifestyle interventions such as nutrition, physical activity, stress reduction, and social support.

At the Summit, 50 of the world’s top experts who specialize in treating the root causes of chronic disease including Prof. Ainhoa De Federico and Bruce Lipton Ph.D., will be sharing how it absolutely matters:

– What we eat

– How we exercise

– How we deal with psychosocial stress

– How much love and connection we feel in life

As a Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coach, the designer of the Buttafly, and an innovator of holistic solutions for back pain, I’m proud to sponsor the Summit under the Buttafly banner.

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