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Lordosis – what does it mean?

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Version 2

There is a lot of confusion around the term lordosis and what it means exactly… Even Wiki had it wrong until a few months ago and I spent a good few hours correcting the entry…

Lordosis is the word used to describe the NATURALLY occurring backward-facing or concave curve in the low back and neck regions of the spine.

An over-exaggeration of this curve is called hyperlordosis as seen in the model above. In addition the model shows excessive curvature of the normal thoracic kyphosis – known as hyperkyphosis.

Degrees of hyperlordosis vary considerably and there are many factors involved in the presentation of this posture. In pregnancy, the increased weight on the front of the body can cause the low back to sag forward into hyperlordosis. In the left-hand photograph below, the model has a very slight hyperlordosis. After lying with a Standard Buttafly low down under her pelvis for 5 minutes, you can see (right-hand photo) that the curvature in the low back has smoothed out and also Baby bump has changed profile as has the forward tilt of the pelvis.


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