In just over 3 weeks this video on TikTok – my fourth one – has had 1.5 million views and 333K likes, and over 1500 comments. In that time I’ve earned over 50K followers, gleaning all they can from my posture tips.

Interesting then that I’ve posted three videos offering 50 free spaces on my TRANSFORM YOUR POSTURE workshops (various dates available) and yet only five people have booked. Also, another three videos where I talk about a mind-body approach to our physical health have been viewed in their entirety the least of all.

Eighty percent of the audience are women, average age unknown although TikTok is said to appeal to a mostly younger audience.

What does this tell us about the general understanding of health and health education? I think there is so very much to do to change the fact that most people still feel that the state of their health is something they have little or no control over and that when they do, they want a quick fix. Many comments viewers comments on my videos ask, will this fix my back, how many times a day should I do it?

It’s time to get real!


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