Posture As A Reflection Of Our Life

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Conversations about posture are never-ending since posture is a reflection of our journey through life and, as such, changes from moment to moment.

What then are the fundamentals of posture that can be applied for us to get the best out of our physicality and, at the same time, provide the foundations for resilience and adaptability in our psyche – and perhaps even a springboard from which our mood may be elevated?

Like any structure where stability is required, the foundations are key – get these right and the body will automatically become more fluid and responsive, no longer needing to brace itself or otherwise exert undue effort.

The Buttafly supports the pelvis in such a way that the spine automatically comes into a balanced alignment with the natural curves in place.

It can be used on the floor or a chair for yoga and meditation, and for rehabilitation exercises.

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