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Exciting News!

We’re very excited to be featured in this month’s bumper issue of European Spa Magazine, the leading publication in the spa and wellness industry.

This year, I’ve been busy teaching the Buttafly Technique to many different practitioners.

Physiotherapists, Ayurvedic practitioners, abdominal massage therapists, and midwives are all discovering the many different benefits of using the Buttafly Technique for their clients.

It works well in combination with other therapies as well as being a stand-alone treatment.

With the demise of the National Health Service here in the UK, and so-called health care around the world not meeting the needs of the public, spa and wellness centers are fast losing any remaining perception of being a luxury. They are ideally placed to provide education and treatment for their clientele, and working closely with them is an obvious next step for the Buttafly Technique.

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