Posture Clinic With Melanie

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Melanie, Yoga Teacher

It’s All In The Detail

As a specialist physiotherapist experienced in assessing posture & treating back pain, my aim is to help people get the best out of their yoga. I know that small changes can make all the difference when it comes to sitting with comfort and ease and helping practitioners get the best out of their yoga and meditation.

When Melanie, an experienced Yoga Teacher, tried out the Buttafly for the first time, she sat with her habitual posture (left photograph). Although she felt immediately greater comfort than normal, I could see that some fine adjustments would help improve her position, and comfort, even more

Her habitual posture suggests to me that she usually sits on a flat surface whether the floor or regular yoga blocks and to compensate she routinely rotates her pelvis anteriorly to recreate a lumbar lordosis. This is a very common strategy among practitioners of yoga and meditation.

A knock-on effect is an extension of her thoracic spine. It’s subtle but there and shows in the gentle lifting of her chest. Notice the small but distinct gap between the circle and her thoracic spine, filled by the arrows.

In order to benefit fully from the ergonomic shape of the Buttafly, I gently guided her pelvis back to a neutral position (second photograph). This meant that her lumbar curve came into a natural alignment, as did the whole length of her entire spine. Her plumbline improved, so relaxing her lower back muscles, and with her pelvis settled in a neutral position, her hips released.

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