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A month ago, I started posting exercise and movement-related tips on TikTok and have received hundreds of comments from viewers asking for advice on how to “fix” their posture.

It got me thinking about the language we use and for a short while, I became fixated (haha) on the word “fix”. It’s very static, isn’t it? And yet, posture isn’t – it’s dynamic, characterized by constant change and activity.

Our body is of course always moving and changing position. When I talk about posture being the foundation you bring to everything you do, what do I mean exactly and why should you care?


I love presenting these workshops – they’re a culmination of my life’s work as a physiotherapist, a yoga teacher, a health coach, and the designer of the Buttafly. Join me and learn how to optimise your health through keen attention to your posture.

We will explore the mind-body connections of posture through mindful movement and meditation, as well as addressing the more obvious physical aspects. This holistic approach considers the different elements contributing to your posture and provides new opportunities for your health and well-being.

Various dates available, click here for details.

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