Roseline has a profound experience lying on the Buttafly

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Roseline (Shankari Dasi) was not expecting  to lie down with the Buttafly – she came to see me at the Just Love Festival looking for a meditation seat. But as we chatted I noticed that her posture was a little round-shouldered with increased curvature in the middle back and I felt she would benefit from this position using the Buttaflys as props. A Tall Buttafly under her head, a Standard one positioned horizontally under the shoulder blades and one each under arm, using the wedge shape to roll the ball-and-socket shoulder joints into external rotation, encouraging a widening across her collar bones.

Roseline went into a deeply relaxed state as the photographs show and afterwards said it had been a very intense experience – “I feel as if every door opened in my body,” she smiled.

I don’t usually take photographs without first asking permission but Roseline looked in such a peaceful place I couldn’t resist. On showing her afterwards she says she hardly even recognised herself. Ah! The gift of restorative Yoga.

Namaste x


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