“See the world with fresh eyes…”

“Practice Yoga and meditation and revive the child within yourself every day so that you can see this world with fresh eyes.”

Shiva Sutra 7

Attending the British Fascia Symposium this weekend I was reminded of the importance of the beginner’s mind. Keynote speaker Dr Robert Schleip says that while classical musculoskeletal medicine regarded fascia as mostly an inert packing organ, cutting-edge histological investigations reveal it to be one of our richest sensory organs – a major source of proprioception as well as a primary source of pain, being so highly innervated with potential nociceptors.

The findings have spawned exciting new clinical applications and modalities, offering fresh hope to many who suffer with chronic pain syndromes.

I still recall as a student Physiotherapist one of my patients saying to me that her neck pain was made worse by sitting in a draft hence she liked to wear a scarf. My teacher’s response was rather dismissive and I remember thinking, how on earth would a patient make up something up like that? The incident stuck in my memory and whenever cold was identified as an aggravating factor, something tripped in my mind. Not until I was introduced to the work of Travell & Simons (Myofascial Pain and Dysfunction 1998) did the story become clear. Cold can activate trigger points and myofascial pain.

Historically then, I am a believer in not allowing ourselves to become complacent and I love this Shiva Sutra – it reminds me to stay curious. Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “Do one thing every day that scares you.” This may mean simply opening our mind to the fact that we do not know it all and perhaps even accept that most everything we know about the body – and medicine – will one day be turned on its head!


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