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At some point in our lives many of us will have been on the receiving end of the instruction to stand up or sit up straight. As a Queen of Posture though I have found there are many far more helpful cues to spark the desired response.

Some teachers tend to advocate working from the feet up and some from the head down – either way, it doesn’t really matter. The point is to help our students really feel what they are trying to achieve from the inside. For those of us who learn visually, what we see in nature all around us can be a great stimulus – the Silver Birch  in the centre of this photograph taken early this morning made me think about how to stand straight is just so misleading – our spine is no straighter than its wiggly trunk!

“Stand tall as if you are a tree where even the underside of your leaves are reaching for the sun!”

This will work for some and it’s fun to be as playful as you like with cues – for sure, not one will work for everyone!


TillyLou x

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