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Tapping World Summit

In 2014, I was kicked out of an agency contract with the MoD for practicing tapping with young army recruits in my care. Not only that but the doctor involved felt so strongly against this “woo woo stuff” that he contacted all other MoD physio clinics in the southwest, with specific instructions not to employ me.

As it happens, I was already booked to go to the training regiment in Winchester for a third 6-month contract. The boss there had no option but to withdraw the placement.

It was at this point that I gave up my license to practice with the Health Professionals Council. I had no intention of jeopardising my livelihood while in my heart of hearts, knew that I could not deny my patients the best of my knowledge and ability.

From the beginning, all I ever wanted to do was help people be more healthy, so it’s very exciting to learn that there are now over 275 peer-reviewed published studies on tapping. Current research is providing a better understanding of what tapping is doing to our bodies and brains, and showing that the effects are long-lasting.

If you would like to know more, this week, the Annual Tapping World Summit is offering a host of free resources.

At the same time, I’m offering a FREE exploratory call for anyone wanting help with chronic back pain. Book here.


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