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The Art Of Doing Less

At this time of year, as friends regale me with stories of their summer antics, I often find myself pondering the subject of whether we should have different names for holidays – including retreats – that are packed with doing as against being. Does anyone else ever feel guilty about the pleasure of doing nothing?

Really, I should be a pro at this having learned the necessity of zero effort during menopause and been re-educated on the true meaning of laziness by a Greek boyfriend years ago!

The truth is though that this has not been an easy journey, but one fraught with angst and anxieties tied up with various long-held and ultimately limiting beliefs.

So it’s more than a privilege and a pleasure to find myself facilitating opportunities for others to get off the merry-go-round. It’s humbling to recognise their need as I look into the mirror they hold up for me, and to be a witness to their journey.

The Self-Care weekends I present offer an ultimate experience of deep rest, drawing on the unique benefits of the Buttafly Technique.

Over the two days, my aim is that participants will feel safe enough to let themselves be held by the wisdom in their body and that they will come to embody the expression “when less is more”.

Loulou x

September 2022