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The Buttafly is a great find… I’m a convert

July 2019, at the OM Bass festival, this delightful yogi, Rob, came over for seeking assistance for chronic and intermittent bilateral sciatica (both legs!) and back pain.

Now the physio in me ran riot wanting to ask all the questions that would be part of a normal out-patient assessment BUT, hang fire… First, Rob had just come from a yoga class with 60 other people and is well able to take responsibility for his body and second, a significant part of the Buttafly’s journey is to figure how to adopt a successful hands-off approach that safely connects someone like Rob with a simple aid that may provide relief…

So, on this occasion, no questions were asked and Rob was just given a very clear instruction that there was to be no increase in his symptoms in any shape or form… This video is what he had to say following a 10-minute trial of the Buttafly in supine lying.

And today, he wrote, “I have already found the Buttafly really helpful first thing in the morning after sleeping in my campervan. I am really optimistic about how it will be of great service to me in the future…”

Feedback, good, bad and ugly is CRUCIAL to the evolution of new concepts and ideas. If you have tried using the Buttafly for any back, hip or pelvic symptoms, please let us know how you have got on. Thank you.

Yours in good health TillyLou 🙂