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Assuming you’re not being a tad rebellious and have decided against making any resolutions, how is this year’s different from the last, and in what way do you hope will it help you?

The term “tapas” refers to the activity of keeping the body fit. Literally, it means to heat the body and, by doing so, to cleanse it. Attention to body posture,  eating habits, and breathing patterns are all tapas that help to prevent the buildup of rubbish in the body, including excess weight and shortness of breath.

In his book, The Heart of Yoga, T.K.V. Desikachar, says that “tapas makes the whole body fit and well-functioning and everything about tapas must help us move forward.” He also states that “tapas must not cause suffering.”

This is good news for the many who consider they’ve got to punish themselves once January comes around. Rather, set a goal that, while it may stretch you, it will not break either you or your commitment to it.


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