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Lying down on your back with a Standard size Buttafly placed low down under the pelvis can offer the spine a unique opportunity to re-align itself. Ask anyone who has tried it – 99% of people are completely wow-ed by the experience – in that they can’t stop saying “wow, that’s incredible!”

So how is it that so many of us are walking around with a spine that needs re-aligning?

Many people identify with a certain posture, “oh, I’ve always stood like that, right back as far as I remember!” But no more than any identification with certain aspects of our personality as being our true nature do our occupational and other habitual patterns of posture represent our true physical form. As such, given the right circumstances, what we might consider as fixed in stone (or joints and bone to be more accurate) can be transformed with little or no effort, as the many “before and after photographs” of using the Buttafly in supine prove.

So what is the difference between lying down over a Buttafly versus a good night’s kip? Intriguing isn’t it? You would really think that being horizontal for 8 hours would make at least the same difference if not even more perhaps… But early morning assessment and treatments show this not to be the case. Off-load the sacrum however and at the same time, offer the body the most gentle of inversions and real magic can happen. For less than the cost of a regular massage – and given the portability of Buttafly – this is self-care that is available to you pretty much any time, any place.

Please note – there will always be exceptions. The positioning of Buttafly in the way described above should not cause any pain – if you have any doubts about how to use it, please get in touch with us. Using the Buttafly for any purpose should not take the place of care from a qualified practitioner. Also, if you are under treatment for low back pain or related issues, please consult with your practitioner first.



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