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The Complementary Medicine Association has given the thumbs up to our new two-day course on using the Buttafly for back care and the relief of back pain. There is much more to this technique than just getting the position of the Buttafly right.

To garner the full benefits, the technique must be applied in the right way and at the right time. I will be sharing everything I’ve learned in the last five years of using the Buttafly in this way, and guiding therapists on how to safely and effectively incorporate the Buttafly Technique for the benefit of their clients.

Course Details

The course is open to massage therapists and bodyworkers of all descriptions.

The first online course takes place on 15/16th October, and in-person, in Christchurch, 19/20th November.

The cost is £295 and includes a Standard Buttafly, posted free in the UK, for online courses.

BOOK BY SEPTEMBER 26TH to enjoy a 30% discount.

For more information and bookings, click here.

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