Which Buttafly Is Best For Me?

“Could you please advise me which Buttafly blocks would be best for me? I’m 73, have arthritis in my neck, shoulders, and knees, do yoga every day and am not very flexible. Please help!”


This is the kind of question I get asked all the time. Being a dyed-in-the-wool physiotherapist, for me, there’s nothing like a face-to-face consultation.

The nature of being online makes this more tricky but I like to do what I can to try and understand the question.

First I need to ask a few questions of my own.

What do you want to use the Buttafly for?

What’s your favourite position for meditation and pranayama?

Do you currently use props – if so, which ones?

What doesn’t it do that you are wanting?

Are you looking for a support for seated yoga postures?

Are you wanting to improve your upper back flexibility?

Would you like help with your posture?

All these questions and more!

The Standard size model is the most versatile and can be used by most people for each of its 3 main functions i.e. Yoga block, ergonomic seat, and back care product.

At 5 cms high at the front edge, if the Standard Buttafly is not high enough for you as a seat, use a Flat Buttafly or two to stack it up.

Live workshops are now offered on a regular basis, and one-to-one consultations are available too.

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Yours in Yoga

TillyLou x